Energy consumption control using artificial intelligence
ECC.AI is a reinforcement learning platform to drastically reduce energy consumption in manufacturing

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From speech recognition on your smartphone to image processing for cancer detection: machine learning is everywhere. So why not let it fight climate change – and control your energy bill on the way there?

Reducing energy usage is a major focus in large scale commercial and industrial environments. Although most of these processes are very well monitored, major breakthroughs in this field are very scarce. The nature of the problem is complex and dynamic due to e.g. variable loads and nonlinear changes in equipment efficiency. This makes it difficult to find the most efficient operating conditions with traditional engineering formulas. Luckily, this is where machine learning thrives.

At ECC.AI we unleash the real power of your data. Literally. We’ve developed advanced self-learning algorithms to help bring your energy consumption to a historically low level. Request access to our alpha program!

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  • Using all the available IOT data, our algorithms optimize the entire production process end-to-end, finding global efficiency gains that humans simply can’t find in such a vast digital landscape.
  • It then summarizes these findings and presents them to the process engineers who interpret the results on the floor. Fully replacing years of human experience simply doesn’t work.
  • Our platform requires absolutely no new hardware to be installed. Our algorithms can run entirely in the cloud (or on dedicated machines on-premise when required). All we need is historical data logs.


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Eccai is a product made by ML6. We are machine learning experts on a mission to empower businesses with artificial intelligence.